Saturday, March 19, 2011


I haven't been very good at keeping up with the blog lately.  I can't upload pictures with my school computer and I don't like bugging Darrin to use this one.  So, I guess being home alone with Darrin gone for most of the day is the time to update the blog. 

Here are a few things that we have been up to:

1. Freshman roommate reunion.  
This is the first time we have gotten together in almost 2 years.  Since we have all been together, 3 of us got married, 3 served missions, and 1 baby on the way.  It was so fun to have dinner with them and hear all about what was happening!
From Left to Right (me, Kendra, Katie, Stephanie, Holly, and Maren)

2. 6 month picture. 
This was taken a couple weeks ago at around 6 months.  3 to go! (2 1/2 now...)

3. Rex Lee Run
Darrin ran the Rex Lee Run with his good friend Boomer.  They had run this before Boomer left on his mission and now Boomer is back so they wanted to continue this tradition.  I had to take some pictures of Darrin in his running garb, and of course he had to pose a manly pose.

...and the running pose

4. Baby Bird #2 was born!
I became an aunt again.  Little Parker was born and I had to show this adorable baby off.  I haven't seen him other than pictures.  I'm excited to meet my new nephew! Congratulations Mindy & Jesse!

Not much else has been going on around here-just school and work everyday.  Darrin is ready to be done with this semester and I'm ready to be done with the school year, but we'll make it through...hopefully.