Monday, March 19, 2012

bath time!

I think there is nothing cuter than a baby taking a bath. I take that back...there is nothing cuter than Logan taking a bath! (He IS my baby...)

I realized I hadn't taken any bath pictures in a long time, so here are plenty of pictures!

He doesn't really splash...yet. I know he knows how to because he splashed when we went swimming, but in the bath tub he would rather hold and bite his bath toys. He doesn't see the toys as often, so he loves each reunion.

I had to give him a mohawk. Cute, eh?

This shows off his big, big eyes.

And his chubby cheeks :)

He loves being snuggled afterwards because he hates being cold.

I had to get a shot of the wrinkly feet.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

9, 10 a big fat hen!

Logan is 10 months old now.  I thought I would just combine his 9 & 10 month posts. He has grown so much in these last two months.  He seems almost like a different baby because he has learned many new tricks. 

Here he is trying blackberries for the first time.  I put it in one of those net things and he just went to town! He loved them.  At the beginning of these months he had a hard time with textures in his food so this was a perfect first table food for him.

He has made friends with the bear rug in the basement. Yes, a real bear.  He likes to give it kisses and look into its mouth.

He's turning into a ham for the camera. He always smiles when he sees it and tries to grab at it.

Even though this picture doesn't show it, he's not a fan of changing his clothes or diapers.

He likes the exercise bike too.

Here are some firsts for the last 2 months:
-actually sits well (He had what I call small bum syndrome.  He could sit but would still tip over and now he doesn't)
-pulled up to standing on almost anything
This is the first time he pulled himself up to standing:

He was having so much fun he didn't even notice his pants were falling off :)

With Natalie:

He loved the flashlight being shined on his mouth. He would smile and smile!

He now loves:
-fruit in general
-pancakes in the morning
-feeding himself! He gets mad if we are trying to feed him.

His personality has really started to shine through. He is generally a very happy boy. See?

He really likes playing in the kitchen now.  Opening drawers and trying to open cupboards. Luckily, grandma is smart and keeps the aprons in the bottom drawer so Logan can play there.

One of his favorite new toys to munch on.

At his 9 month check up he:
Measured 29.5 inches long (84th percentile)
Weighed 19 lbs 7 oz (42nd percentile)
And finally...42nd percentile head circumference :)

We love you baby boy! You really do bring so much joy to our lives!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


For a while there, life seemed like it was at somewhat of a stand-still. We knew Darrin would graduate in December, but we didn't know what life would have in store for us after that.  After looking for full-time jobs with not much luck, we didn't quite know what would happen.

Since then...we've had some changes.
A small one-haircuts! :) 
Darrin let me convince him to go super short and I got a haircut (1st time since Logan was 6 weeks old)

And now for the bigger one...We'll be going to Portland, Oregon for an internship in the summer. 

It is just a short 8-week internship, but we are really excited.  Things are starting to fall into place for us.  Darrin found a full-time temporary job, his internship, and got a great score on the GMAT--which will hopefully get him into a Master's program of his choice.  

Now just to wait on hearing back from schools...