Sunday, December 18, 2011

long overdue

For Thanksgiving we got to see a lot of family, which was wonderful! 
We spent the actual day in Payson at Darrin's dad's house.  The food was yummy and we got to see everyone from's Darrin's family other than Kurtis, plus 2 of his step-sister's and their families.  Mallory, one of Darrin's step-sister has an adorable little girl and she said Logan's name in a really cute way- "Loo-koo". It made us smile :)

The day after, we drove to St. George to spend time with my family since they all gathered there for the festivities.  Mindy and Jesse hosted for the 2nd year in a row! Thanks!!

Sadly, these are the only two pictures I took of the Thanksgiving break...

Logan loved Lincoln & Parker's stuffed dog that played music.  
He snuggled with it while we explored St. George.

We went to Tuacahn for the Live Nativity.  It was really cool.
Darrin & I decided it was the perfect length--plus they had real camels on stage! :)
Here's a picture of Mindy's cute little family at Tuacahn visiting Santa.

Logan turned 7 months at the beginning of December.

He got his first 2 teeth--they weren't even expected where they showed up.  His two middle bottom teeth popped through before I noticed what was happening.  He seems like a happier baby now.  
Here's an attempt at me trying to show his new teeth...didn't really work.  He hates showing them off:

His favorites: his vibrating frog
mini stuffed elephant
Darrin's really old toy dinosaur

He can: Now roll from his back to his belly. He is actually enjoying being on his belly now.
-spin in circles.  He hasn't quite figured out how to use both arms to move forward.

He has also tried a lot of new solid foods.  This boy can eat! 
He also went through a phase where he hated his car seat.  Thank goodness that's pretty much over!! 
Here he is arching his back as we try to put him in:

He is very excited for his first Christmas, as you can see!

Travel safely, and have a wonderful Christmas!