Friday, April 5, 2013

doggies and faces

Sorry if you're sick of pictures of Logan. Don't a few months there will be a new one to look at! Ha!

Logan loves to look out the window at the dog that lives behind us. He likes to knock on the window so the dog looks up at him. One time he called, "Doggie, where are you?" " I love you!" 

 Here he is telling me about the dog back there.

He was trying to copy the faces daddy was making. I missed the best face because the camera took too long. He has also discovered he likes taking his pants off.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a sicky and a haircut

Poor little guy got pretty sick right after spring break. He would cough until he couldn't cough anymore. It made for a couple days of lots of snuggling (which we didn't really mind).

I also attempted to give him a haircut. I don't have all the pieces to our hair clippers so it was a little experimental. It works though. I had to bribe him with a sucker and let him watch part of Wall-E just to get him to sit still to let me cut it.

He loves snuggling with blankets. Sometimes when I cook dinner he'll put his blanket on the kitchen floor and  lay on it while he sucks his thumb.