Thursday, July 10, 2014

1 year!

This boy is 1 year old! Like every mom, I'm wondering where the time went. 

He went from this chubby little guy...

To this chubby guy!

In that past month, Bennett has shown so much personality. 
Part of it was a two-week trip to Utah and Idaho. He was so incredibly happy there. Coming home was another story, but he's making his way back to that happy baby. I guess he just loved watching the other kids a lot. A lot.

He says:
No, dah (dog), ha (hi), da (dad)

He puts everything and anything up to his ear as a phone and says, "hi".
He waves and says, "hi"
He calls all animals and some other objects dogs.
He barks like a dog.
He fake laughs.
He is a dancing maniac!
He is so so wiggly.
He touches things with his pointer finger and then puts his finger in his mouth like he's tasting it. 
He points at things.
I am still nursing him. I'm ready to be done and he is definitely not. 

Logan is still his best friend. He is obsessed with Logan. They are starting to play together more (when Logan isn't worrying about Bennett touching his toys) and it is adorable.

Love this baby boy of mine. I can't wait to see who he becomes and how he grows.