Sunday, December 18, 2011

long overdue

For Thanksgiving we got to see a lot of family, which was wonderful! 
We spent the actual day in Payson at Darrin's dad's house.  The food was yummy and we got to see everyone from's Darrin's family other than Kurtis, plus 2 of his step-sister's and their families.  Mallory, one of Darrin's step-sister has an adorable little girl and she said Logan's name in a really cute way- "Loo-koo". It made us smile :)

The day after, we drove to St. George to spend time with my family since they all gathered there for the festivities.  Mindy and Jesse hosted for the 2nd year in a row! Thanks!!

Sadly, these are the only two pictures I took of the Thanksgiving break...

Logan loved Lincoln & Parker's stuffed dog that played music.  
He snuggled with it while we explored St. George.

We went to Tuacahn for the Live Nativity.  It was really cool.
Darrin & I decided it was the perfect length--plus they had real camels on stage! :)
Here's a picture of Mindy's cute little family at Tuacahn visiting Santa.

Logan turned 7 months at the beginning of December.

He got his first 2 teeth--they weren't even expected where they showed up.  His two middle bottom teeth popped through before I noticed what was happening.  He seems like a happier baby now.  
Here's an attempt at me trying to show his new teeth...didn't really work.  He hates showing them off:

His favorites: his vibrating frog
mini stuffed elephant
Darrin's really old toy dinosaur

He can: Now roll from his back to his belly. He is actually enjoying being on his belly now.
-spin in circles.  He hasn't quite figured out how to use both arms to move forward.

He has also tried a lot of new solid foods.  This boy can eat! 
He also went through a phase where he hated his car seat.  Thank goodness that's pretty much over!! 
Here he is arching his back as we try to put him in:

He is very excited for his first Christmas, as you can see!

Travel safely, and have a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, November 11, 2011

halloween, 6 months, and other adventures

I have a lot to catch up on, but I'm too lazy to do it in separate posts, so here it is in one post. 
I already posted about Logan's Halloween costume, but we did a few other activities for Halloween, and even more than I have pictures of.

We carved a Cookie Monster pumpkin, made spicy pumpkin seeds (yum), and I made meringue ghosts for a Halloween party I went to.  These were all even before Halloween! 
Halloween night we went to Payson--carved another pumpkin, made homemade rootbeer, and hung out with family.

November 3rd marked Logan's six month mark!

A few things our cutie pie has been up to:
-Trying rice cereal and oatmeal for the first time (he highly disappointed me by not even making a face. He likes it...)

-LOVES his daddy (he always has, but he can often be caught staring at Darrin now)

-He has found his thumb more often (he wants to be just like his cousin and mommy)

He has also:
-rolled over consistently
-started scooting on his back
-likes peek-a-boo
-started grabbing at faces

A week or two ago I was cleaning up our garden stuff before the frost came.  I was cutting all the basil off our plant and I went to cut one leaf off and noticed it looked weird. It turned out to be a leaf bug! I put him on the ground and sort of forgot....I squished him. oops!

Here's a bowl full of basil I picked from our plant and in the next picture the leaf bug above a very large basil leaf.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ah! real monsters

 Anyone else remember that really silly Nickelodeon cartoon? 
Anyways...Logan was a monster for Halloween. I really hope I can use this costume more in the future because I sure thought it was cute.  

I would love to say he was all smiles, but this was one of the few smiles we got on Halloween night from our little monster.  He was pretty neutral in his costume. I think the hood bothered him a little. He was always trying to eat it.

Getting ready to roll over. Yay! He FINALLY can.

 He was snuggled a little by Grandpa and his costume was really warm so he fell asleep for a while instead of going trick-or-treating. Oh well.

Logan's cousins came by after their Trunk or Treat. Maia as Ariel, Lilly as a butterfly, and Josh as Bumble Buzz (without his Bumblebee mask)

And now for the real monster...

This is the culprit for many nights of Logan waking up twice. Two canine teeth coming in at once! Can you see them?

Hope you all had a great Halloween!
And Happy Birthday to that baby born 57 years ago on Halloween--Dad!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

a little late

5 months.  That is how old Logan is now. Crazy. I can't find my camera at the I will post some pictures later.

Here are some new things about  Logan:

-He has discovered his feet.  He doesn't seem that flexible though so he touches them from afar...
-I think he's teething because he has a remarkable amount of drool and he hasn't been sleeping as well.
-He grabs objects and brings them to his mouth
-He stays on his tummy longer
-He has rolled over 2 times (from tummy to back). Yep. Only twice. At least I know he can do it.
-He started not liking his car seat.  When we put him in he will arch his back so we can't strap him down.

Darrin gave him a nickname that I personally hope doesn't stick, but at the same time I can't help but call him it.  Darrin mixed Chubby and Logan together to make Cho-gee. Oh dear.

Well, that's all I can think of right now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Little buddy likes to swing.  
Well, he is actually somewhat neutral and will sit in them and swing for a while as he contemplates other more important things. These pictures are at the park during his second time swinging. 

His new love is his fist and he is constantly sucking on it.

At the end he got super tired and looked half asleep in the swing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


BYU football that is. Right now the BYU vs Utah game is on and here is what my boys are up to: 

And this is how they feel about BYU football:

So cute.
And...Logan's 4 month stats:
Length: 26.5 inches, 85th percentile
Weight: 16 lbs 1 oz, 66th percentile
I love seeing the percentiles, I get excited every time he has a doctor appointment to see how much he grows.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4 months!

Our big guy is already 4 months old! Time is flying and Logan is growing!
Milestones this month:
-He started grabbing on to toys, just a few times
-He started the beginning of a laugh, not quite all the way though
-He started sleeping through the night, usually 7:30/8pm until 7am.  Wahoo!

Here's Logan being happy in his big boy clothes.

One of his new favorite toys.  He loves watching the lights and listening to the music and grabs at the toys every once in a while.
-He has also started making spit bubbles when he's happy.  It happens a lot under this toy.

Here he is grabbing onto one of the toys (although he doesn't seem too interested in that particular toy...)

I enjoy giving him shirt turbans on his head while I am getting him dressed.  He also makes the funniest face when I take his shirt off over his head.

Another one of Logan's favorite toys.  He has a fascination with the orange lion.  He could stare at that thing for a long time!

-Logan has started loving to stand.  He would rather stand than sit on your lap and looks so proud of himself when you help pull him up to a stand.

-He visited Thanksgiving Point twice this month! With $2 Tuesdays, we went to both the animals and the museum.  We went to the animals in the middle of the day when it was really hot so this is what Logan was doing the entire time:

Poor little guy was so hot and tired!
Here's a friend we met there.

He still doesn't quite know what to think about baths.  He just sits there and watches me.  He HAS decided he hates getting out though because it is way too cold.

Here are those spit bubbles!

And for your enjoyment...his almost laugh:

Happy 4 months cute boy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This past weekend, we went to Ely, Nevada, for Darrin's grandpa's funeral.  It was somewhat expected because his grandpa was 91.  It was like a family reunion because all the uncles, aunts, and cousins were there from Darrin's mom's side. It was fun to spend time with family and get to know family that I didn't know as well before.

Here is Logan at the park across the street from Darrin's grandpa's old house.  When Darrin and his siblings were kids they would play at this park a lot and catch crawdads at the stream close by. 

At one point, most of the men went golfing and the girls and the kids went to a drug store with a soda fountain.  Here is Darrin's sister and her kids there.  It was a cute 50's style diner feel in there.

Here are Darrin's other two sisters and his brother on the stools by the soda fountain.

Here is Darrin's cousin's little girl.  Big smiles! (sorry it's kind of dark...)

It has been sort of a tradition to go the Mexican restaurant in town with the whole gang. There were around 35 people that they found a place for at the restaurant. Here is Darrin and Logan at the restaurant.  My camera was really funny in this light.

Our nephew Josh trying on the birthday sombrero.  It was his dad's birthday that night.  We had 4 birthdays around that day so we sang happy birthday to them and they all got to wear sombreros :)

We had a fun time in Ely, and hopefully we'll make it back there sometime even though there is no more family there anymore.


Remember these chairs I had planned on doing something with before Logan was born.  Then he surprised us and came early...

Well, here they are now! We painted them white, I made cushions for them, and then we found a table and painted it to match the chairs.  I think they turned out so well! They just make me happy now. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Logan boy is 3 months old today! I was looking through his newborn pictures and wow! has he grown! He's our little chubby boy.  He's usually happy and up until recently has been good at going down for naps.  I think he has now realized that crib equals bedtime, which he decided he doesn't like.  

This month Logan:
-started smiling a lot more.
-got a virus that sent him to the hospital for a couple days :(
-makes many happy noises.
-reached double his birth weight. Like I said, chubby boy!
-hates tummy time.
-had a change to his cry.  He no longer sounds like a newborn.
-has mom and dad wrapped around his little fingers.

This is what Logan has been up to the past month:


Sleeping (this is him in the hospital.  He felt awful)

Cooing and Playing with His Hands



Tummy Time

Sleeping Some More


Adding Rolls to His Legs

Happy 3 months baby boy! We love you!