Wednesday, October 14, 2009

just my luck...

I really like the blog that is on the side bar of my blog called How About Orange.  They have free fun things like templates for thank you notes or notepads and stuff like that.  Along with that is a giveaway every once in a while.  And wouldn't you know it... I won! I had never entered in any of the giveaways before because I figured I would never win, but I just decided to for some reason on this one.  Here is a picture of what I won:

Cute, eh? Maybe it's a way of giving back to me for the not so wonderful weeks I have had.  I got sick a couple weeks ago and had probably the longest cold I have ever had, which I am finally over.  Also, school has been...well, not the most fun for me.  Lately, I've been longing for a job in which I can come home and not have more work to do at home.  Yesterday I came home and worked until nine grading papers and stuff.  Not to mention I have an observation by BYU and by my principal on Monday.  Life is crazy, but I guess not void of rewards :)