Saturday, July 24, 2010

summer fun: part uno

Never in my life had I even seen a gun in real-life. Pretty pathetic, eh? Especially considering I am from Idaho-a place full of hunters. I was determined not to go my whole life like this, so I got Darrin to take me shooting. I knew he had taken at least one other girl shooting for a date, which made it that much more important that I got to go with him too.

We set off up Spanish Fork canyon with Darrin's old roommate, Nate and his fiance Laurel.

You can tell how excited I am to be there. I think Darrin is just excited for me :)

Me, Darrin, Nate, and Laurel

Darrin showing off his skills with the pigeon thrower. I'm not too sure why he looks so angry...probably because I kept taking pictures :)

I didn't know how good of a shot Darrin was until this outing. His first time with the gun he shot all five of the clay pigeons. (that's my husband!)

And, I couldn't leave without evidence that not only did I see a real-life gun, but I shot it. Right after this picture was taken I shot the clay pigeon-the only one hit by either of the girls that night... I never said I would be good at it.

I had a fun time and my shoulder didn't even hurt afterward. I did learn how much I dislike earplugs though, those things are impossible.

More to come: Our trip to Idaho, St. George, and California...