Friday, November 8, 2013

four months

At Bennett's 4 month appointment he measured:
Weight: 16 lbs about 65th percentile
Height: they didn't tell me, but I measured him 26.5 inches about 90th percentile

It's funny to see that he is so close to what Logan was. I was thinking he was shorter than Logan, but this doctor doesn't do print-offs so their percentiles are estimates. Looking back at Logan's they are within 1 oz in weight and .25 of an inch! Crazy.

This month, Bennett met these special people, Aunt Natalie, and Grandpa Bronson:

But I realized I never got a picture with them and Bennett. Oops.

-He has really started to focus his attention. He loves looking at Logan, mom, and dad, and of course himself.
-He started grabbing onto hanging toys.

 -He started a small laugh.
-He LOVES his daddy. One day in church he kept looking over at Darrin and smiling when Darrin wasn't even looking at him. When I handed Bennett over, he got really excited and smiled really big and kicked his legs.

 -He talks a lot.

-He still does really well at tummy time. And drooling :)

-He celebrated his 1st Halloween.

Love you baby boy!