Saturday, February 2, 2013

the fun and the not so fun.

 I will start with the fun. Sorry they are always all of Logan...but we love him, okay?
His new thing is trying on Daddy's winter hat and gloves. He always exclaims, "Hat-uh!" and walks around the house very proud of himself.

Here he is sporting his new towel that Grandma Bronson got him for Christmas. The cute part you can't see is that she put his name on it in big letters. Now he likes to look at the letters and say, "A!".

He especially loves this towel because it is the same color as his blankie. He'll often call it blankie.

Now the not so fun. Our car got broken into. Twice. In 2 days! Wow, that was frustrating. The first time (which was actually the second but the first time was a few months ago and there was no damage) they smashed out one of the back passenger windows. Want to know what they took? A quarter or two and maybe some dimes in the change place. 

Here it is from farther away. I didn't notice it right away because I was preoccupied. I saw some glass on the ground and was annoyed because I thought I would run over the glass and get a flat tire. That's when I looked up and saw the window was smashed.

The next day I left the doors unlocked because I figured they would rifle through our stuff and see there is nothing of value in there. Instead, they left the trunk and door wide open. If it weren't for our neighbors our battery would have been dead the next time we needed the car.
So frustrating, but we have dealt with it. Our neighborhood feels less safe, so we're just praying nothing else happens and we are SO glad it was our car, not our apartment or our family that was hurt.