Monday, March 10, 2014

getting wet

Both our boys have been late sitters.
This complicates the bath situation. Bennett has outgrown his infant tub and trying to hold him in a sitting position while bathing him isn't my idea of fun.
I decided to try out the laundry basket to see if it would support him enough and allow both boys at once to take a bath.

I love how Bennett is in a different position for all of these pictures. Can you tell it didn't work out that great...

Logan: Mom! Haven't you taken enough pictures?

I got Logan some rain boots and he was so excited. (Mainly because I told him he could jump in puddles now). Of course, it didn't rain for another half a week, but once he got to do it, he was very happy!

Now this is true winter in Portland. I love how green it is, especially since by now I would sick of the snow in Idaho and Utah.

Friday, March 7, 2014

goings on with logan

Bennett has not been the best sleeper, but lately when Logan and I get some time alone while Bennett is sleeping I've been trying to come up with different things to do. 

My grandma left a ton of buttons here, so I got a bunch out and had him sort them.
It was a huge hit. I thought he would only do it for 10-15 minutes but he did it much longer and more than once during that day. Definitely one I'll be pulling out again.

I love how concentrated he was.

One day after his nap, I heard a huge thump and Logan start to wail.
He had hit his chin or face on the shelf next to his bed and bit through his lip.
Poor little guy.
It took him a while to calm down. (I think the popsicle and tv show helped).

He's definitely not camera shy...

I've taken him to story time at the library in Portland twice now.
He liked the blocks at the end the best :)
It was weird how shy he got. He refused to participate and stayed right by my side. That is NOT Logan. He is very outgoing and usually pretty loud. He warmed up slightly the second time...

Bennett enjoys watching the kids dance and read.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

8 months

Another month for Mr. Bennett. 
This little one melts my heart.

He is getting so close to crawling. I can tell he wants it so bad. He would love for the chance to follow his big brother around all day.

He is most happy right after waking up and right after eating. Logan can get him to smile pretty much any time though.

A happy noise he makes sounds a lot like, "hi". I'm almost convinced it is because he hears it so much from Logan and me.

He is definitely a food man. At the beginning of the month, he refused to eat baby food, so I gave him a lot of table food. Now he likes both, and I have yet to find a food he doesn't like. 

Giving him an apple in this mesh feeder keeps him occupied for a while when I need to cook dinner.

I call this picture, "While the cat's away, the mouse will play!" He loves Logan's toys, but Logan has adopted the big brother attitude of "mine, not yours". 
This particular afternoon, Logan was taking a nap, so I let him at Logan's toys. (I just won't be able to show Logan these pictures...)

Bennett isn't a huge fan of strangers. Lots of people smile at him and try to get him to smile back, but he rarely does. Every once in a while he'll surprise me though.

He fits into his big boy church outfit from Grandma. I couldn't get over how old he looked in it, and how handsome!

At church on Sunday (and ever since), he raised his hand and started moving it around, almost like he was waving...but I think he's just playing.

Love you little man!