Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This past weekend, we went to Ely, Nevada, for Darrin's grandpa's funeral.  It was somewhat expected because his grandpa was 91.  It was like a family reunion because all the uncles, aunts, and cousins were there from Darrin's mom's side. It was fun to spend time with family and get to know family that I didn't know as well before.

Here is Logan at the park across the street from Darrin's grandpa's old house.  When Darrin and his siblings were kids they would play at this park a lot and catch crawdads at the stream close by. 

At one point, most of the men went golfing and the girls and the kids went to a drug store with a soda fountain.  Here is Darrin's sister and her kids there.  It was a cute 50's style diner feel in there.

Here are Darrin's other two sisters and his brother on the stools by the soda fountain.

Here is Darrin's cousin's little girl.  Big smiles! (sorry it's kind of dark...)

It has been sort of a tradition to go the Mexican restaurant in town with the whole gang. There were around 35 people that they found a place for at the restaurant. Here is Darrin and Logan at the restaurant.  My camera was really funny in this light.

Our nephew Josh trying on the birthday sombrero.  It was his dad's birthday that night.  We had 4 birthdays around that day so we sang happy birthday to them and they all got to wear sombreros :)

We had a fun time in Ely, and hopefully we'll make it back there sometime even though there is no more family there anymore.


Remember these chairs I had planned on doing something with before Logan was born.  Then he surprised us and came early...

Well, here they are now! We painted them white, I made cushions for them, and then we found a table and painted it to match the chairs.  I think they turned out so well! They just make me happy now. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Logan boy is 3 months old today! I was looking through his newborn pictures and wow! has he grown! He's our little chubby boy.  He's usually happy and up until recently has been good at going down for naps.  I think he has now realized that crib equals bedtime, which he decided he doesn't like.  

This month Logan:
-started smiling a lot more.
-got a virus that sent him to the hospital for a couple days :(
-makes many happy noises.
-reached double his birth weight. Like I said, chubby boy!
-hates tummy time.
-had a change to his cry.  He no longer sounds like a newborn.
-has mom and dad wrapped around his little fingers.

This is what Logan has been up to the past month:


Sleeping (this is him in the hospital.  He felt awful)

Cooing and Playing with His Hands



Tummy Time

Sleeping Some More


Adding Rolls to His Legs

Happy 3 months baby boy! We love you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011