Saturday, August 9, 2014

first birthday

 For Bennett's actual birthday, we played it pretty low-key. 
In the morning, we had him open his presents. He got lots of presents from his generous grandparents. Thank you!!

Unlike Logan at this age, Bennett seemed to know what to do with the wrapping paper. In fact, I just realized that is probably why he's always trying to rip books now...

Logan had a hard time not just watching :) He wanted to open the presents any time Bennett took longer than a few seconds. 

I made a simple chocolate cake with caramel frosting in the center. 
He didn't quite know what we wanted hi to do with it at first, but after some encouragement, he dug in a little.

Looks like Logan was excited to try it too!

This picture cracks us up every time we see it. It was a fluke from the camera--I don't think he ever really felt the way he looks in this picture, but it sure is funny!

First birthdays are the best!