Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Drawings!

Here are a couple more drawings we have done with the oil pastels Darrin got me for Christmas. It has become an activity that we like to do together and maybe we'll keep improving while we're at it.

Darrin did this one above of the apple. He did great! Every time we use the pastels he gets even better, what a natural.

And I did the one above of the calla lily. I love these flowers so I wanted to at least try. It is hard doing white things because the white won't go over other colors, so what you see that is white is the paper.


Amy said...

I am seriously so amazed at both of you! Wow! Hey, did you know that I had calla lilies at my them! You guys are so talented!

Amy said...

i am so impressed w/ your drawings!! i love the photo of the two of you at the vday dance too!

Laura said...

Both of you have amazing talent! What a fun hobby to do together! You are an example to me...thanks!
We love you both!

Ingrid said...

WOW, it's hard to believe you guys haven't been doing this longer! I can "draw" but can't whip out anything half as nice.