Saturday, July 24, 2010

summer fun: part uno

Never in my life had I even seen a gun in real-life. Pretty pathetic, eh? Especially considering I am from Idaho-a place full of hunters. I was determined not to go my whole life like this, so I got Darrin to take me shooting. I knew he had taken at least one other girl shooting for a date, which made it that much more important that I got to go with him too.

We set off up Spanish Fork canyon with Darrin's old roommate, Nate and his fiance Laurel.

You can tell how excited I am to be there. I think Darrin is just excited for me :)

Me, Darrin, Nate, and Laurel

Darrin showing off his skills with the pigeon thrower. I'm not too sure why he looks so angry...probably because I kept taking pictures :)

I didn't know how good of a shot Darrin was until this outing. His first time with the gun he shot all five of the clay pigeons. (that's my husband!)

And, I couldn't leave without evidence that not only did I see a real-life gun, but I shot it. Right after this picture was taken I shot the clay pigeon-the only one hit by either of the girls that night... I never said I would be good at it.

I had a fun time and my shoulder didn't even hurt afterward. I did learn how much I dislike earplugs though, those things are impossible.

More to come: Our trip to Idaho, St. George, and California...


Alyssa/Jo said...

Way to go Rachel! That is awesome you hit the pigeon. It certainly isn't easy to do. I get the biggest kick out of you and Darrin. You are so stinkin cute together! We call Darrin DB at our house now. No longer will he be referred to as Darrin. Shane and I are planning on getting a group together and going to Kenecott (is that how you spell that?) mine soon. You wanna go again?

Rachel & Darrin said...

Darrin says: "YESSSSS!"
Yeah that would fun. Let us know when you are thinking of going

Mallory and Wendell said...

That sounds like so much fun! So, I would love to send you an invite to our blog, but I don't have your email. So could you leave another comment and give me your email? :) Thanks!

Angela said...

Gooooooooooo Rachel!

Laura said...

Grandpa Kenyon would be proud of you both! What a fun date!

Rachel & Darrin said...

Mallory-haha, I realized that later and felt dumb, but by the time I got to your blog it was private. In case you see this, here is my email:

Ingrid said...

Nobody better mess with you,huh?! LOL, Joe took me shotting and I hit each of the targets. I had only one miss, when I decided to try closing my other eye.

Tara said...

I'm sorry I'm just barely commenting on this, but I've only been shooting once too! I think I only hit one as well. I liked shooting the smaller gun, I think it was a .22 or something (whatever). It made me feel like a secret agent girl or something.