Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer fun

After I found out Logan didn't pass his first oxygen test I needed a little pick-me-up.  My mom suggested coming to Idaho, so we left for Idaho on a Friday and came back on Sunday.  A quick trip, but it was well worth it to see family and to get a little break from the ordinary. We stayed at My sister Angela's house-thank you!

Here is Logan and his cousin Rose.  Angela bought them matching outfits, don't they look cute?  Logan is almost 2 months younger than Rose, but by seeing them you would never know it!

Here is Matthew sporting his dad's shoes and no pants (with backwards underwear, but you can't tell here...)  Also, Hannah holding Logan.  She is getting so old! 

While in Idaho, we went to the zoo because Darrin had never been.  It's a pretty good zoo for such a little town.  Left to right- Angela holding Rose, Matthew giving the penguin a hug, Hannah and Hailey doing a craft, and the lion.

On the 19th of June, also Father's Day, we blessed Logan in our student ward.  My entire family came! It was so great to see everyone and it was so nice of them to come! My brother and his family came all the way from Los Angeles.  It couldn't have been any better!

 A few of Logan's cousins, Vanessa and David on top and Parker and Lincoln on bottom.

We went to the Hogle zoo with my sister Mindy and her family, my parents, my cousin Patience, and Darrin's sister Laura and her kids.  Here is a lemur and a sign on the outside of their exhibit saying baby lemurs were born on Logan's birthday! 

Here are all the Enos cousins before the blessing-all 10! (number 11 is on the way!)

Here is most of my family (my brother and his family had to go) Me holding Logan, Darrin, Jesse holding Lincoln, Mindy holding Parker, Tom behind Hannah and Hailey, Angela holding Rose, Mom, Patience, and Dad holding Matthew.

Darrin's side of the family that was able to make it: Melanee, Randy, Natalie behind Josh, Darrin, Me behind Marlene, Michelle behind Laura holding Lilly, Mallory holding Teagan, and Wendell.

And just a couple pictures of Logan, just because we love him! (He has now been off oxygen for a week!)

We're off to a great start of a summer!


Kaylynn said...

Wow... your family is getting so big! And that's awesome that they could all come for the blessing. Logan's looking cute as ever! :)

Louisa said...

Congratulations! I'm glad your baby boy is doing so well.

Amy said...

So glad that you were able to go for a little vacation! Logan is so handsome!!

Tara said...

Ah! He is SO CUTE! ANd I can't believe you have that many nieces and nephews! I swear when we were in highschool you only had like 3. Time sure changes things. And to answer you your question on my blog- YES! We will be Idaho Falls for the 4th with all my extended family as usual. Please call me when you are hanging out waiting for the fireworks so that I can come find you and see your cute baby!

Laura said...

I like the one where just one eye of Logan's is open; kind of like he's trying to figure out who woke him up. :) He is such a cutie!!!! And you take wonderful pictures!