Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Logan boy is 3 months old today! I was looking through his newborn pictures and wow! has he grown! He's our little chubby boy.  He's usually happy and up until recently has been good at going down for naps.  I think he has now realized that crib equals bedtime, which he decided he doesn't like.  

This month Logan:
-started smiling a lot more.
-got a virus that sent him to the hospital for a couple days :(
-makes many happy noises.
-reached double his birth weight. Like I said, chubby boy!
-hates tummy time.
-had a change to his cry.  He no longer sounds like a newborn.
-has mom and dad wrapped around his little fingers.

This is what Logan has been up to the past month:


Sleeping (this is him in the hospital.  He felt awful)

Cooing and Playing with His Hands



Tummy Time

Sleeping Some More


Adding Rolls to His Legs

Happy 3 months baby boy! We love you!


Audrey said...

Super cute! I want meet him!

mindy said...

Such a cutie! Love all the pictures!

Laura said...

I LOVE all the pictures of your cutie! SO glad he's feeling better from the hospital...not fun!