Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4 months!

Our big guy is already 4 months old! Time is flying and Logan is growing!
Milestones this month:
-He started grabbing on to toys, just a few times
-He started the beginning of a laugh, not quite all the way though
-He started sleeping through the night, usually 7:30/8pm until 7am.  Wahoo!

Here's Logan being happy in his big boy clothes.

One of his new favorite toys.  He loves watching the lights and listening to the music and grabs at the toys every once in a while.
-He has also started making spit bubbles when he's happy.  It happens a lot under this toy.

Here he is grabbing onto one of the toys (although he doesn't seem too interested in that particular toy...)

I enjoy giving him shirt turbans on his head while I am getting him dressed.  He also makes the funniest face when I take his shirt off over his head.

Another one of Logan's favorite toys.  He has a fascination with the orange lion.  He could stare at that thing for a long time!

-Logan has started loving to stand.  He would rather stand than sit on your lap and looks so proud of himself when you help pull him up to a stand.

-He visited Thanksgiving Point twice this month! With $2 Tuesdays, we went to both the animals and the museum.  We went to the animals in the middle of the day when it was really hot so this is what Logan was doing the entire time:

Poor little guy was so hot and tired!
Here's a friend we met there.

He still doesn't quite know what to think about baths.  He just sits there and watches me.  He HAS decided he hates getting out though because it is way too cold.

Here are those spit bubbles!

And for your enjoyment...his almost laugh:

Happy 4 months cute boy!


Amy said...

Happy 4 months cute Logan! He is so adorable. You are so lucky he is sleeping through the night already! We are working on Peter still...hopefully soon!

Amy said...

Yea Logan!!! He is so handsome!!!

Jordan and Kaitlin Ellingson said...

Jordan and I just love these pictures. You guys have one handsome boy!

Laura said...

The "almost-laugh" is so cute! And I think I've seen Darrin make the face that Logan is making on the couch in his big-boy clothes.