Monday, March 19, 2012

bath time!

I think there is nothing cuter than a baby taking a bath. I take that back...there is nothing cuter than Logan taking a bath! (He IS my baby...)

I realized I hadn't taken any bath pictures in a long time, so here are plenty of pictures!

He doesn't really splash...yet. I know he knows how to because he splashed when we went swimming, but in the bath tub he would rather hold and bite his bath toys. He doesn't see the toys as often, so he loves each reunion.

I had to give him a mohawk. Cute, eh?

This shows off his big, big eyes.

And his chubby cheeks :)

He loves being snuggled afterwards because he hates being cold.

I had to get a shot of the wrinkly feet.


Laura said...

LOVE the mohawk! He IS so cute!

Tara said...

Ha, in some of the pictures he looks annoyed like "Hey Mom, let me enjoy my bath time without you constantly taking pictures." He does have big beautiful eyes! Tons of girls are going to fall for that someday. . . .:)