Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rockaway Beach and Tillamook

Maybe the 3rd weekend we were here we heard the temperature was supposed to be in the 90s.  That's not common for Portland in June, or July for that matter. We decided it would be a great Saturday to get away to the beach, since it is always at least 10 degrees cooler there. We went to Rockaway Beach, a quaint little beach town and to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Logan LOVED the sand.  He couldn't get enough of how it felt, even in his mouth.  We think maybe he ate more sand than lunch that day :) It may have been one of the first times he was more interested in something other than food during meal time. Here he is holding a roll in one hand while feeling the sand with the other.

Sand all over his mouth!

We had a picnic on the sand when we first got there.

Right as we arrived at the beach.  It was perfect weather, although a little chilly with the wind right next to the water.

Logan also loved walking on the sand.  He couldn't quite get the hang of it when the sand was dry and squishy, but where the water and salt had hardened it from high tide, he was a pro.

Here Darrin and Logan are at a junk shop by the beach. Really, it was full of absolute junk. I don't know how that store survived.

After the beach, we headed about 20 minutes inland to Tillamook city where the cheese factory resides. they let you walk through a self-guided tour, sample cheese, and read things about cows.

Logan as we wait in line for Tillamook's famous ice cream. Do you think he knows what he is about to get a taste of?

Still in line...

This is how excited Darrin was to get cheese curds. One of his favorite things in life.

It was a long but perfect day. I could spend a lot of time on the Oregon coast.


Tara said...

I LOVE cheese curds too! Darrin and I could be good friends. I love Tillamook cheese and yogurt. I've never had their ice cream. Looks like I'll need to try that next.

jackie e said...

Logan is the cutest! So, the eating sand thing must be an Enos thing, because Violet loves to dip her snacks in it and eat it.
Veronica wanted me to invite you to her baptism. It's probably going to be Nov. 17th. That way your parents can come. Anyway, I know it's a long way to go so please don't feel any kind of pressure.
Love you guys.