Wednesday, September 26, 2012

catch up 1

I still have some catch up from our last bit in Portland. We did some fun things that I didn't want to forget to document. 

First, a hike that I remember doing at least a few times growing up visiting family. It's called Multnomah Falls.  It is paved all the way up so we (Darrin) pushed Logan all the way up in his stroller. Here's a picture--we hiked to the top of the falls.

Logan relaxing in comfort...he didn't mind! :)

At the top

I took Logan to the Lloyd Center, a mall in Portland.  There was a mini splash pad there and although I forgot swim trunks for Logan, I let him play a little in the water.  He was very disappointed when we left.

One time I left a bag of cheerios on the couch. I didn't realize Logan could reach that far and this is what I found about a minute later. Oops

We went to a Koi fish festival.  Darrin likes these fish a lot and these ones were HUGE! He was quite impressed.

We went on an aerial tram over downtown Portland. It wasn't quite what I was expecting but the view was cool.  Looking out from the tram:

Another tram about to pass us:

Right before we left we went to a blueberry farm and picked 8 pounds of blueberries.  They were only $1 a pound since we picked them.  They were huge and delicious.  We froze most of them and we are about halfway done with our last bag :(



Tara said...

Those blueberries look SO good! And I love the pictures from the hike you went on! And the cheerio incident is funny. Can't wait to hear about more of your life!!

Laura said...

YUM! Blueberries!!!! My favorite! I need to find out if blueberries can grow here!
I have a similar picture with M and spilled chips in our kitchen when she was about the same age as Logan! Cute kids, anyways!!! :)