Thursday, October 3, 2013

three months

It's hard to believe little Bennett man is already 3 months old! He still seems so much more new, but at the same time so much part of our family.

At 3 months...
-Bennett is getting to be a tummy time man. He does get tired after a while, but seems to enjoy being on his tummy
-has rolled over several times to his back, but he doesn't do it that often.
-Daddy lovingly calls him "Bologna"--it morphed from Bennie Baroni into this. (I'm hoping it doesn't stick...)

(I couldn't resist this next picture. It makes me laugh. Out loud. I guess the flash was too bright for him. Doesn't he look like an old man?! Ha!)

-He smiles regularly, especially when you tell him "goo" :)
(These were his beginning smiles, almost like he had to work hard at them)

-He is vocal when he gets bored. Sometimes if I just give him a new view, he goes right back to being content
-He started cooing
-He loves to talk back and forth with mommy and daddy. 

-He's finally learning how to take good naps. We're still working on it though.
-He usually wakes up once a night

(Here he is today at 3 months wearing his pumpkin hat. As you can see, he has his smile down now)


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE those first two pictures. They made me laugh /)

Laura said...

He is such a darling! Love him!