Monday, March 10, 2014

getting wet

Both our boys have been late sitters.
This complicates the bath situation. Bennett has outgrown his infant tub and trying to hold him in a sitting position while bathing him isn't my idea of fun.
I decided to try out the laundry basket to see if it would support him enough and allow both boys at once to take a bath.

I love how Bennett is in a different position for all of these pictures. Can you tell it didn't work out that great...

Logan: Mom! Haven't you taken enough pictures?

I got Logan some rain boots and he was so excited. (Mainly because I told him he could jump in puddles now). Of course, it didn't rain for another half a week, but once he got to do it, he was very happy!

Now this is true winter in Portland. I love how green it is, especially since by now I would sick of the snow in Idaho and Utah.

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Amy said...

I love this entire post so much. Nothing better than bathtime and rainboots in the rain. I love that you tried out a laundry basket!