Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ely, Halloween, & Christmas!

Although when just thinking about the past couple of months I don't feel like that much has happened, a lot more happens in our lives than I realize. I will start with a while ago and work my way to today!!!

Darrin's grandmother passed away in October. She was 93 years old! We traveled to Ely, Nevada, where Darrin's mom was raised to go to the funeral. I guess it wasn't too unexpected, but it was still a sad funeral. It was especially hard for me to see Darrin's grandpa and how he was dealing with his wife being gone. I don't think it would have been as sad if I weren't married now... just thinking about that makes me so sad!

Below is our niece, Maia, on the car ride to Ely. We rode with Darrin's sister there. She is such a happy girl!

We also went to a favorite of the Bronson family--Garnet Hill. It was pretty cool. All you have to do is watch the ground as you walk around and you see sparkling red--you guessed it, garnets! Here is Darrin standing on the hill, and below I am holding a small handful of the garnets we found in less than an hour of looking.

Halloween Time! For Halloween, Darrin and I got a giant pumpkin. It was so big the grocery store scale couldn't measure it, so we were given the 30 pound price :)

Darrin is doing part of the dirty part-digging out the guts!

I was in charge of the mouth and Darrin did the eyes. Together, it was a masterpiece! I loved how my teeth turned out and Darrin created perfect eyes to compliment them!

More guts!

Here he is, all lit up. On the back we did the Chinese symbol for dragon backwards so that it would reflect behind the pumpkin. It worked...sort of :) but it looked great all the same.

Our Halloween decorations. Ghosts hung in our window and our giant pumpkin (looking not so giant in the picture) next to the door.

Today, we picked up a Christmas tree at Home Depot. I was so happy! It was a really good price, especially for a real one. It is so cute and fits our apartment perfectly. My goal is to keep it alive for next Christmas too!

All cutely decorated with silver and blue, plus my ornament from Kendra that she brought me from Jerusalem. I think it looks great!

While we were at Home Depot we picked up some sandpaper and paint and sanded and painted our little end table. We had gotten it for free from our last apartment complex but it needed a little tlc. It is outside drying right now and I'm excited to have another good piece of furniture!

One last exciting bit is that Laura, Darrin's sister, had her baby! She was beautiful and Laura was so tough, giving birth naturally. Her name is Lillian and we are so excited to have her here. Welcome to our family, baby Lily!


Amy said...

Wow! I LOVE your jack-o-lantern! And you little Christmas tree! Glad things are going well. How's teaching these days?

mindy said...

Looks like you've been having a good time with the holidays lately! :) I'm excited to see you at Christmas. :) love ya!

Amy said...

love it all!!