Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Part dos

Above is a video of our cute niece, Maia. We got to have her stay at our apartment overnight when her parents went on a getaway for their anniversary in June. Before we put her to bed, we watched a little Tom & Jerry on Netflix. She thought it was so hilarious. Every time one of them got hurt she laughed at least this hard. We had to get a video of her cute laugh.

For the 4th of July, Darrin and I went to Idaho Falls. They always have a big fireworks show, among other things, so we decided to go. I didn't get pictures of everything we did, but here are some things we did:

-Ran the annual Freedom 5k: My sister, dad, Darrin, and I ran it together. I hadn't run in a 5k race since high school and it was fun.

-Went to the annual 4th of July breakfast: A woman in my parents' ward holds a breakfast in her backyard for the whole neighborhood and 2 wards. It is so generous of her! (and yummy!)

-Had a barbeque in the backyard

-Went to the annual fireworks: It is put on by a wealthy guy and he likes to top other fireworks shows around. We sat further away this year so it wasn't as good as usual.

-Roofed our shed: Darrin was so nice to stay extra long to help my dad and brother-in-law put new shingles on our shed.

Here is my mom with my cute nephew, Matthew. He is so fun to be around and his personality shows more and more each time I see him.

Hannah, my oldest niece, with my sister (and her mom) Angela in the background. Hannah likes to be silly and I thought this made her look a little like a duck.

Princess Hailey. She is a very girly girl and very quiet. She is growing up so fast!

Matthew showing off his "smile" for the camera.

Matthew and I. Matthew calls himself "Eye-oh". Darrin and I picked up some of his language while in Idaho and continue to use it.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great time!


Alyssa/Jo said...

You guys had a super busy 4th!! I love the kiddo laughing! Little kids laughing is intoxicating b/c it makes you love life so much more!

Love you guys!

Ingrid said...

I love the sounds of children laughing. Her laugh is so infectious.