Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ah! real monsters

 Anyone else remember that really silly Nickelodeon cartoon? 
Anyways...Logan was a monster for Halloween. I really hope I can use this costume more in the future because I sure thought it was cute.  

I would love to say he was all smiles, but this was one of the few smiles we got on Halloween night from our little monster.  He was pretty neutral in his costume. I think the hood bothered him a little. He was always trying to eat it.

Getting ready to roll over. Yay! He FINALLY can.

 He was snuggled a little by Grandpa and his costume was really warm so he fell asleep for a while instead of going trick-or-treating. Oh well.

Logan's cousins came by after their Trunk or Treat. Maia as Ariel, Lilly as a butterfly, and Josh as Bumble Buzz (without his Bumblebee mask)

And now for the real monster...

This is the culprit for many nights of Logan waking up twice. Two canine teeth coming in at once! Can you see them?

Hope you all had a great Halloween!
And Happy Birthday to that baby born 57 years ago on Halloween--Dad!!


Jordan and Kaitlin Ellingson said...

I love love this costume! So adorable!

Mallory and Wendell said...

He makes such a cute monster! That costume is adorable!

Amy said...

SUCH a cute costume! Yea for little monster teeth!

Angela said...

What a cute baby monster you have! Love you guys!

jackie e said...

Two canine teeth...is that normal? At least they're coming in at the same time...getting the teething pain done...i hate that part. He's such a cutie. Hope the teething gets better soon.