Friday, November 11, 2011

halloween, 6 months, and other adventures

I have a lot to catch up on, but I'm too lazy to do it in separate posts, so here it is in one post. 
I already posted about Logan's Halloween costume, but we did a few other activities for Halloween, and even more than I have pictures of.

We carved a Cookie Monster pumpkin, made spicy pumpkin seeds (yum), and I made meringue ghosts for a Halloween party I went to.  These were all even before Halloween! 
Halloween night we went to Payson--carved another pumpkin, made homemade rootbeer, and hung out with family.

November 3rd marked Logan's six month mark!

A few things our cutie pie has been up to:
-Trying rice cereal and oatmeal for the first time (he highly disappointed me by not even making a face. He likes it...)

-LOVES his daddy (he always has, but he can often be caught staring at Darrin now)

-He has found his thumb more often (he wants to be just like his cousin and mommy)

He has also:
-rolled over consistently
-started scooting on his back
-likes peek-a-boo
-started grabbing at faces

A week or two ago I was cleaning up our garden stuff before the frost came.  I was cutting all the basil off our plant and I went to cut one leaf off and noticed it looked weird. It turned out to be a leaf bug! I put him on the ground and sort of forgot....I squished him. oops!

Here's a bowl full of basil I picked from our plant and in the next picture the leaf bug above a very large basil leaf.


Laura said...

I LOVE Logan's smile in the picture when he's eating cereal! What a cutie!
I've never seen a leaf bug; how fun that you saw one!

Tara said...

This is a comment for this post and the one about his costume. I totally watched AH! Real Monsters. His costume is AWESOME. And seriously, Logan looks so much like you! What a cute. And the leaf bug-that's funny! Especially when you said that you accidently squished it! AND, your cookie monster pumpkin is so cool!

Amy said...

I love those meringue ghosts! Way to go! Logan is getting so big! I was bummed that I didn't run into you at church when I saw Darrin and Logan, but it was a nice surprise to see them a couple of Sundays ago!