Saturday, January 21, 2012

8 months

Well...seeing as how Logan is almost 9 months now, I thought I better get to posting about 8 months.  It seemed like so many things started changing by the time he hit 8 months.

-He started holding his hands up when he wants picked up
-He constantly had his bottom lip under his top lip, even when he smiled.
-He realized he could make a lot of noise and started to yell.  
-He likes to pull blankets off his head.
-Started crying when mom or dad leaves the room.

-First move (from Provo to Payson)
-First Christmas!

-Has 2 bottom teeth and shows them off while he smiles :) 

-Just barely started getting up on his hands and knees (though not sure what to do after that).

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Laura said...

Oh what a darling! I love when he smiles! It's a great thing!