Tuesday, January 10, 2012

baby's 1st christmas

This year for Christmas we went to Idaho. Both my sisters were there too, so it was almost my whole family. (We missed you Jeff, Jackie & kids!!).  There are lots of pictures, so I'll let them do most of the explaining...

Here is Rose (9 months) and Matthew (3 yrs).  We put Rose in the stocking.  Their faces pretty much show what they thought about that!

Rose again (9 months) and Logan (7.5 months)...yes...she is older :)

Logan got to follow tradition by opening a gift on Christmas Eve. 

Though...he wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

He got some Christmas pajamas. They were actually given to us as hand-me-downs, but I don't think Logan really cared. He still looked cute in them.

Our 1st Christmas as a 3 person family. 

Here is Lincoln (2 yrs) in his Christmas pajamas. He liked to put the "cars" on his feet. He even tried to get them on his mom and dad's feet too.

Lincoln (2 yrs) hugging Parker (10 months) on Christmas Eve.  Patience & Mindy in the background.

My sister gave us her Johnny Jumper and Logan loves it. He spent a lot of time in it over the break.

Here are Matthew & Lincoln on Christmas Day.

Rose on Christmas.

Daddy helping Logan open his stocking on Chistmas.

Mindy & Parker before heading off to church.

Parker, Mindy, Lincoln & Jesse

Lincoln is a pretty picky eater so it was funny to see him eat the prime rib straight off the bone.  He loved his "chicken"!

The family on Christmas eating our traditional prime rib-yum! Thanks mom!

My great aunt Violet and her husband, Don, joined us for dinner.

I helped my nieces Hannah & Hailey make chocolate houses. Later, Darrin & I made one too.

It was a fun break and fun time with family! Thanks for hosting, mom & dad!


Laura said...

Logan looks cute in his Christmas PJs!!! And you guys are such a cute family! Love the pictures! I'm glad you enjoyed being with so much of your family for the holidays!

Elizabeth said...

What a cute family you have, Rachel!

Tara said...

I love the look of pure joy on Logan's face while he's in that jumper. So awesome. I miss you! I love the picture of all your family at the table on Christmas Eve for dinner and you having that cheesy grin. Reminds me of pictures we took back in highschool. I don't know if that last part made sense. I hope it did. Just translate it into knowing that I miss you!