Tuesday, May 15, 2012

may 3rd

was Logan's 1st birthday! It really was a fun day and I think Logan enjoyed himself too :)

Here he is looking at his first present of the day from Aunt Angela and Uncle Tom.
He looks a lot more interested in this picture than he actually was.

What was inside the present: (the pants) 
Thanks Angela & Tom!

 He thinks he's pretty handsome.

After Daddy got home from work we had dinner then opened presents. 
He just kept crawling away from the presents to get other toys and things.

We resorted to opening presents for him.

One of his favorite presents, a xylophone from grandma and grandpa Bronson--Thank you!

A train station from Grandma & Grandpa Enos--Thank you! 
He really liked the train inside the package.

Then came the cake! We stripped him down and let him dig in.

He was interested from the start.

And had no problem digging in.

The piece he put his hands all over:

As you can see, he really enjoyed his cake, although the sticky frosting all over his hands really bothered him, so after he got a few huge mouthfuls, he was done and wanted clean.

Happy Birthday to our big boy!!!


Club Jolley said...

He is soooo cute! And you look great and beautiful as always. You guys are just the cutest family!

Elizabeth said...

What a cute little kid!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Logan! I can't believe he is already one!

Teri said...

Ahhh!I miss THIS guy! Happy Birthday to him! I hope everything is going well for you and your family! We miss you!!

jackie e said...

Happy birthday to Mr. Logan! He's such a happy kid. Love you guys!

Kaitlyn said...

He is adorable and your family is adorable as well. I love the birthday cake pictures! I hope you guys are doing well! Te iubesc!

Kaylynn said...

Happy birthday, Logan! He's so, so cute! And I miss you guys tons.