Saturday, July 27, 2013

living life

Life with two kids is a roller coaster of emotions lately. It seems when Bennett has a bad day Logan does too. Sometimes I am so frustrated and other times I am so happy. I sure do love my little boys!

Right as I snapped the picture he did a little smile.

As I was snuggling with him he moved down my arm and put his little head on his hands. I think he wanted me to take his picture.

Sometimes Bennett just looks sad. It's just his neutral face, but it makes me excited for when he will smile on purpose.

Our first family picture taken by my mom when my parents came to town. (Ignore the boxes in the background...we're in the process of packing)

Oh how I love my boys!


jackie e said...

So happy to see pictures of your little guys!
Hang in there, Rachel. You are amazing!

Laura said...

LOVED seeing you! And love the pictures! You all are so much fun to be with!
Can't wait to do it again soon!