Monday, August 26, 2013

One month

This is coming a few weeks late, but I figured I wanted to remember these things, so late is better than never. 

Mr. Bennett boy had a pretty eventful first month of life. He:
-went on a road trip
-moved from Spokane, WA, to Portland, OR
-met his grandma and grandpa Enos
-met his Aunt Angela, Uncle Tom, and their kids
-spent 6 days in the NICU

Like a lot of babies he likes sleeping anywhere, especially if it isn't in his bed. And like most babies, with his hands above his head.

He gets a lot of love from this guy:

He has already made Logan cry several times...Logan is a sensitive one and when Bennett and him are in the same room and Bennett starts to cry it will make him cry too. I've had to comfort two crying children many times. Logan eventually calms down only after Bennett does and he sees that Bennett is okay.

During his first month of life, Bennett had a 5am to 6am ritual of grunting really loudly. He wasn't hungry, just trying to fill his pants :) 

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Kaylynn said...

I love those cute boys! It looks like Logan is such a proud big brother!!