Wednesday, December 4, 2013

five months!

Bennett is growing up too fast!
This month he seemed to change the most.

It's is getting easier to get him to smile.
He also started really laughing this month, although it isn't that easy to get him to laugh for you.

He is very alert and aware now.
He loves watching Logan and smiles a lot for him.

When he's happy he gargles.
He sure loves his daddy and big brother.

To celebrate being 5 months old, he rolled from his back to his belly.

When he's on his back, he will spin in circles to see around the room.

This month he:
-took a road trip to Idaho and Utah
-met his Grandma
-Met Uncle Jeff
-still wakes up once at night to eat

His eyes really became blue this month.

He started grabbing this month. He grabs toys, people, and hair most of all.
His favorite toy is the vibrating frog, same as Logan at this age.

Love you, Bennett!


Elizabeth said...

He is so darling! That second picture is my favorite.

Tara Siddoway said...

I think he looks a lot like Darrin! Logan is a really good mix of you two. You guys are so cute and it was so fun to see you a few weeks ago!