Wednesday, February 26, 2014

i thought this was portland...

A couple weekends ago it decided to snow. A lot. At least a lot for Portland. We ended up getting 4-6 inches of snow and then frozen rain after that.

Logan was in heaven! Somehow I knew the winter hat would come in handy.

Logan went outside at least once a day until the snow was melted. I'm so glad for the sheltered porch we have. He could play as long as he wanted away from the terrible, bitter wind.

Each time, he would wipe the new snow off the table and plant stand.

Bennett was a mere spectator, but a cute one at that!

Intent to watch Logan.


He loved clapping the snow together in his hands, getting snow all over his face. (I was taking the picture through the glass door)

By the last day, the rain had made the snow less dry. Darrin made a snow horse for Logan to ride on. Darrin got to work from home that weekend, so Logan was also in heaven having daddy home so much!

We've been missing this guy--working long hours for busy season.

Snowball fight.

The aftermath of the frozen rain. It lined all the trees in ice. The next day as the ice began to melt, icicles fell off in clusters, making for a pretty fun sight.


Amy said...

Luckies! I wish it would rain just once here!

Amy said...

*snow...not rain :-)

Kaylynn said...

Dallin has the same hat... he wears it all the time (even inside)!! We must both have great taste in boys' clothes! :)