Wednesday, February 12, 2014

rewind: kendra!

Back last May, my amazing friend Kendra, and her husband, Ryan came through Spokane and paid us a visit. Logan fell in love with Kendra and talked about her for weeks afterward. 

While they were here we did a little site-seeing.
One place we visited was Manito Park:

Kendra and Ryan in the Lilac Garden of Manito Park

Logan loved seeing the flowers. He picked up any he found on the ground and carried them around for a while.

Kendra practiced her photography while we were out and about. She took a class at BYU and got a camera from her dad for graduation. (Thanks to her I actually have pictures from their stay...)

Inside the Japanese Garden of Manito Park. Springtime means animal babies!

The Japanese Garden was very tranquil, just like you would suppose.

I'm so grateful for a wonderful friend like Kendra! She's the reason I had such a great experience at BYU. If she wouldn't have asked me to room with her freshman year, my life would be completely different now! Thanks Kendra for taking the time to visit, we sure loved having you!

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Kendra Williamson said...

I was just going through these photos as I am making an album for 2013. It was so lovely seeing you in May!