Monday, May 12, 2014

10 months

On Logan's birthday, this guy turned 10 months.
His personality just keeps blossoming. It is fun to see the differences between our boys.
For one thing, he is so stubborn!
When he wants something he'll do anything to get it!

At the beginning of this month, he started signing "all done" and "more", but has decided he would rather scream  or squeal for what he wants...

He likes the heater vent. 
He'll go up to it while it is blowing air and you can hear him gulping for air as it blows in his face. It is pretty funny to watch. 

He loves going on walks in the stroller.
And he doesn't mind wearing hats, which is nice.

He absolutely knows high chair=food.
If he is put in the high chair and food is not immediately put on the tray he throws a fit.

He started pulling himself up to standing. 
At the beginning of the month, he would sit on his knees a lot instead of standing all the way up, but he doesn't do that anymore.

He also learned to pick things up from standing.

Love this baby, even with his stubborn streak. It does make me wonder what the terrible twos and the teenage years will be like though.

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Amy said...

So fun to read about his personality. Ruby is quite strong-willed and stubborn as well and I just figure if I can get her pointed in the right direction now, she'll be just fine.