Thursday, May 8, 2014

logan is 3!

Three years ago a little baby surprised us by coming 5 weeks early and changed our lives forever. He made us parents. We are so lucky to be the mom and dad to such a sweet, happy, funny, and sensitive little boy!

Here are some random pictures from the last 6 months or so that show off his personality pretty well.

Logan is so talkative. Just a week ago a plumber came to fix one of our pipes. Logan would not leave him alone! It was a pretty typical Logan thing to do.

Things he knows:
-Capital letters, most of the lower-case letters
-Sounds of a handful of letters and often asks what letter makes a certain sound
-Numbers 1-13, we're working on more but I guess he likes letters better :)
-Words to a lot of primary songs and nursery rhymes

This year he:
-Moved to Portland
-Became a big brother
-Moved into a twin size bed

His favorite:
Color: blue
Food: fruit
Stuffed Animal: "Baby Lion"

He still loves books and asks me to read to him daily. Some naps are never taken because he is looking through books the whole time instead.

What he says:
"Read me a book, make me feel happy."
"I'm not a fireman, I'm just a boy."
(To Darrin) "Sweetie, I think you have a beard."
"Nipples are for swimming."
(Eating chicken at dinner) "Look! A big chicken! It smells like bunny!"
"Does applesauce have applesauces in 'em?"
(To me) "Bennett thinks you're special."

For Easter I made resurrection rolls. I explained to Logan how the marshmallow is like Jesus and the dough wrapped around the marshmallow is like the cloth they put on Jesus' body. After we baked the rolls the marshmallow was gone, just like Jesus was gone because he was resurrected. Logan thought about it for a while, looked at the picture of Christ and said,  "Did that Jesus take all the marshmallows?"

He loves:
-Thomas the Train
-Going to the park
-Going on walks

What an amazing and special boy we have! He makes me so glad I am a mom.


Kaylynn said...

I love it... he's so cute (and funny, too)! You're an amazing mom!!

Louisa said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy! I can't believe Logan is three.

Kaitlin Ellingson said...

He is so smart! You are such a good mom and teacher!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday cute boy! You are such an incredible momma and he is so lucky to have you!