Wednesday, June 11, 2014

oregon zoo

The first Saturday that the sun was shining and it felt reasonably warm, we took a trip to the zoo. We knew it would be something Logan would love and we were right.

Outside the zoo, they had this train for kids to climb in and see. Logan is obsessed with trains as of late, so this was like a dream for him.

Here he is inside the train. 

Not only did he love the real animals, but he liked the fake ones too :)

Bennett enjoyed himself in another way, for at least half of the time we were there.

Daddy and Logan outside the aviary. 

Mommy and Logan after seeing the new baby lions.

Riding the giant lion. Logan has a lion beanie baby, which is his favorite, so I think the lions were his favorite at the zoo.

It was fun to get out and celebrate the end of Darrin's busy season!

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