Friday, June 13, 2014

powell butte

We are just minutes away from Powell Butte. It is a short hike (although with a double stroller, it wasn't that easy pushing uphill...) up to the top, which is huge and quite beautiful.

We found a lot of birds, not just this Robin :)

Bennett doing what he used to do best in the stroller.

Up at the top.

They are working on a construction project up there and Logan was excited to see this excavator up there.

He insisted on carrying an umbrella even though it wasn't raining.

He also wanted to stop at all the logs to stand on them.

We saw this family of coyotes, too.

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Tara Siddoway said...

CUTE pictures! I'm still really sad I didn't get to see you. But please PLEASE come out this way again sometime soon!