Sunday, November 9, 2014

pumpkin patch

Not far from downtown, there is an island on the Willamette River that has farms all over it. Over the summer we went to the U-Pick farms for berry picking and a few weeks ago we went for the pumpkin patch.

They had water pumps that you could have rubber duck races with. Logan liked pumping the water down the pipes.

We went on the hayride to get to the pumpkin patch.

Logan was very happy with our caramel corn purchase.

The pumpkin patch seemed to go on forever!

Bennett didn't cooperate very well for a cute pumpkin picture. He kept eating things and wiggling too much.

Definitely a new family tradition for the fall!


Amy said...

So fun! Logan's smile with his caramel corn is priceless. He looks so much like you, Rachel. I love it!

Elizabeth said...

Fun! I love fall and pumpkin patches, though we don't have anything like that here. It makes me really miss the mainland!