Monday, October 6, 2014


After Utah, and a great family reunion on the Bronson side, we headed up to Idaho Falls to visit my family. Both my sisters made the trip too, which made the trip extra fun. 

The only pictures I got were when we went to Reed's Dairy, a local dairy that has an ice cream store. I know my boys loved it!

Lincoln, Matthew, and Rose checking out the chickens and pigs.

Bennett waving at a duck. Logan, Rose, and Matthew watching the pig.

Logan by the calf. It was so cute! Maybe because it was so clean :)

I can't believe how young Bennett looks in this picture! 

Logan and Matthew watching the dairy cows.

Of course we had to stop at the ice cream shop! Rosie eating her bubblegum ice cream. She didn't care one bit that it was dripping everywhere.

Logan didn't know how to eat it fast enough before it melted, so Darrin had to help out a little.

Lincoln threw a pretty big tantrum because he was so stressed out about the mess it was making. I was impressed that my sister, Mindy, was able to just laugh it off.

We also made it to the zoo.  Here the cousins are posing at the tiger cage. 

Parker, Logan, Rose, Matthew, Lincoln

Lincoln, Rosie, Logan, Parker

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