Friday, March 11, 2016

2 months

I'm really behind in posting these, but at least I am, right? 
At two months, Danny:
Weighed: 11lbs 13 oz (45th percentile)
Measured: 22.75'' long (40th percentile)

The most exciting part of the last month was that Danny was blessed. I always feel so close to heaven when I hear Darrin bless our kids. I love that family was able to come and I'm so grateful we are closer to family now.

(Hannah, Angela Grandma Enos, Grandpa Enos, Hailey, Bennett, Logan, Rose, Me, Danny, Darrin, Natalie, Grandma Bronson, Michelle)

Our little family of 5

The man of the hour

Bennett started helping bathe Danny. He likes to keep Danny warm by pouring water over his belly.

I think Danny is a daddy's boy, or is Daddy a Danny's boy?  :)

They love their little brother!

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Laura said...

I LOVE that picture of Darrin and Danny! Frame-worthy I think!