Monday, May 13, 2013


Oops! It has been a while. April was a busy month for us and making it on campus to use the internet was not my number one priority. So, I'll be playing catch-up for a little while. 

Easter was a fun holiday with an almost-two-year-old. He did participate in our Easter egg hunt last year, but  he didn't know what to do with the eggs or really how to find them unless we pointed them out. 

This year, our good friends invited us over on Saturday for an Easter egg hunt for Logan and their son, Jackson.

Here he is with a basket full of eggs. He was really excited.

Chowing down on the candy next to Jackson.

Sidewalk chalk afterwards (we gave him that and a book in his Easter basket)

The day of was great. We just spent quality time together and had a yummy meal of ribs. Mmmm, my favorite. The best part was remembering all that my Savior did for me and how grateful I am to him. He brings hope to my life and helps me remember that I don't have to be perfect as long as I have Him.

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jackie e said...

Logan is such a cutie!