Monday, May 27, 2013

happy birthday Darrin

The man of the house turned 27 the end of April. We sort of had two celebrations. One with just Darrin, Logan, and I and then a couple days later with friends. 

The day before his birthday we also celebrated our 4th anniversary by going out to dinner to a really good southern food restaurant, Casper Fry.

At our family celebration--he's excited to open his presents :)

Here he is modeling his new sweatshirt. ( I felt kind of lame because I got him this sweatshirt to replace the one I got a bleach stain on...)

After opening presents Logan and Darrin had a wrapping paper fight. Logan thought it was hilarious.

We had some cupcakes to celebrate. It was fun having Darrin's birthday soon before Logan's because then Logan knew what to expect on his birthday.

Even though it is very very late, happy birthday sweetheart!

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Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Darrin!