Friday, August 30, 2013

Cannon Beach

Darrin's sister, Laura, and her family got to stay with us longer than the rest of our family. We got to show them a little bit of Portland. It was fun having them here and we couldn't have moved without all their help!

One of the days they were here we went to the Oregon coast--to Cannon Beach. It sure is beautiful out there but tends to be a little chilly and during this visit very windy.

Here is little Kayla wrapped up in a towel to keep warm.

Darrin with either his grumpy face or squinting in the sun face.

Logan loves the beach. He could play there for days on end without getting sick of the sand.

I mostly sat on the sand. Who am I kidding? That's all I did. It's hard to do much else when you have a newborn strapped to you.

Shane playing with Josh and Logan.

Princess Maia in her princess swimming suit. She especially loved finding the sea shells.

Laura with her happy face on.

Lilly, who loved to army crawl in the sand. I think originally it was to keep warm, but became her fun thing to do there.

Darrin and the kids took turns burying people. Here is Logan buried in the sand up to his neck.

Thanks for coming Mourtgos clan! We had a great time with you!

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Laura said...

We sure did love staying with you! We love you! And love the pictures!