Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We chose to bless Bennett the first Sunday after we moved (which happened to be the very next day). We were lucky enough to have quite a bit of family there. They were such a blessing to have there because they helped move us in and my grandma's things out.

Bennett was one month and one day old.

Mindy & Parker, My mom and dad, Shane, Laura, Josh, Maia, Kayla, and Lilly all with Darrin, Logan, and Bennett

He wore the same outfit as Logan did.

The whole clan again

I don't know what I was doing/thinking in this picture, but the expression on my face makes me laugh.

We are a happy family! (that's a song Logan likes to sing recently)

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MikeandKatie said...

Cute family. Where exactly are you guys living? I am excited to hopefully visit you guys the next time I come home.