Wednesday, January 29, 2014

rewind: mom and dad

I thought it was fitting that one of the things I wanted to blog about from long ago fits well with what just happened too. My parents just came last week to visit. This post is a rewind from back right before Bennett was born when they were visiting us in Spokane.

Spokane was home of one of the World's fairs long ago. They have a carousel downtown and Logan rode it a few times. Here he is in the back (in the grey jacket) riding it with Grandma.

We went shopping and Logan found some beaded belts to entertain himself.

He just kept piling them on...

We wanted to show my dad the basketball arena, but it was closed, so we took the opportunity to pose with the mighty mascot of Gonzaga, the bulldog. My dad lassoed that thing and took it for a ride.

As always, I love it when my parents visit. I was a knucklehead (as Darrin's dad would say) and forgot to take any pictures while they were visiting this time.

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