Friday, January 31, 2014

rewind: random spokane

Here are some random Spokane pictures worth blogging about. All of these are pre-Bennett.

There is just something wrong about this sign...can you see what we see?
It was posted by one of our favorite parks in Spokane...I'm drawing a blank...

At the same park, we sent Logan chasing after a duck.

Riverfront Park in Spokane. We spent a few evenings there feeding the ducks and geese. Much less aggressive than the Idaho Falls' ducks.

Our favorite pet store in Spokane. They had a room just for these giant tortoises. You could buy a head of lettuce to feed to them. This particular tortoise kept trying to get out but only made it this far. After this, we would ask Logan what a turtle said and he would grunt like the tortoise that was trying to crawl out :)

Riding on the carousel with our friends Jessica and Jackson.

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