Friday, October 3, 2014

more Utah

We took a short trip to Spring Lake to feed the ducks and get out into the beautiful day.

Uncle Kurtis with Logan

I think it was too bright for Bennett. 

We also got family pictures since Kurtis and our family were in Utah. We are missing Shane (our brother-in-law), who was at Air Force Basic Training.

We thought they turned out really well, especially that first one!

Just our little family...this was toward the end and the kids had had enough!

I thought this was cute--it caught Logan sticking his tongue out, him holding hands with Lilly, and Bennett clapping.

I hadn't gotten pictures done of the kids for their birthdays, so I decided to be lazy and call these their birthday pictures.

Logan, 3 years

Bennett, 1 year


Kaylynn said...

I LOVE all of those pictures. You have the cutest family ever!

Amy said...

Fun! Those family pictures turned out great! I think Logan looks so much like you. ...and yay for Darrin being back. Having husbands out of town is not fun at all!