Thursday, October 11, 2012

a few of his favorite things

As Logan gets older, he lets his preferences known, sometimes loudly :) Here are his favorite pajamas and his favorite blankie. He would wear these all day and pull his blanket around all day if he could.

A new favorite activity is pushing a laundry basket around and putting things into it. He also likes to wear jackets.

He also likes climbing, but thankfully he's not great at it yet.  He got on this rocker and was so proud of himself.

I had to show this picture (sorry about the quality of these...) because it shows his Bronson smile.  My smile isn't very big, so I know he gets it from his daddy. Isn't it contagious?!


jackie e said...

Awww...he's so happy! Those pjs look like a favorite pair. I love how happy and smiley he is. I miss you guys. I know it's a long ways away and probably not something you guys can attend but Veronica is getting baptized Nov. 17th. I'm not trying to make you feel pressure, just thought it would be nice to tell you. We totally understand the distance. Are you going to be in Idaho for Christmas? We will be there and hopefully your sweet family will be there to so I can squeeze Logan! Love you!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! It IS a contagious smile! He's darling! And I love how you told us many of his "likes;" laundry baskets are a big hit at our house too! :)